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Rotary Theme Months

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to conduct special programs on appropriate topics during the following months designated by Rotary International as special months:

August is Membership and Extension month - emphasising membership development and the creation of new Rotary clubs.

September is New Generations month - emphasising Rotary's commitment to youth.

October is Vocational Service month - emphasising Rotary's contribution to the second Avenue of Service.

November is Rotary Foundation month - emphasising our commitment to the important work accomplished by The Rotary Foundation.

December is Family month - emphasising Rotary's ongoing commitment to Family of Rotary.

January is Rotary Awareness month - emphasising the importance of Rotary information to club members and awareness of Rotary in the community.

February is World Understanding month - emphasising Rotary's goal of world understanding and peace.

March is Literacy month - emphasising Rotary's ongoing commitment to promoting literacy and numeracy.

April is Magazine month - recognising the contribution of "The Rotarian" and "The Rotary News".

June is Rotary Fellowships Month month - emphasising Rotary's ongoing commitment to various fellowships.

Other Special Dates:

February 23, is the anniversary of the first meeting of the first Rotary club. On that day, observed as World Understanding and Peace Day, clubs are encouraged to conduct programs to emphasise Rotary's commitment to international understanding, friendship and peace.

The week of 13 March is observed as World Rotaract Week.

The week of 28 October is observed as World Interact Week.


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